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Circles Circulation

Circulation. Noise. Circulation. Noise. Circulation. Noise. Circles.

Jonny Sopotiuk Collage

Real Men…

Real Men Sew Dresses Collage. March 2014. Process snapshots:


Collage Collage

Collaging contradictions. Process and procedures. Gender. Sexuality. War. Violence. Commercialism. Capitalism. War. Violence. History. Repetition. Reality. Contradiction. Denial Agreement. Repeat. Project 1. Start. These are the raw materials.

Photo 2014-12-08, 9 23 52 PM

White Washed

Work must constantly evolve, morph and grow. Although these pieces are presently complete, they will continue to transform with repeated acts of whitewashing. The process dictates this project. The end is not in sight.


The Whitewash Continues

This project continues to evolve as I explore the varied materials and objects. I’ve be surprised at how some of the objects have begun to take (and lose) shape. Some of the least interesting objects from the beginning are becoming …

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Hiatus and Project Update

It has been a busy month since my previous project update. A last minute October move of both my apartment and studio and 10 day trip to New York City has really put me behind on everything in life, including …


Whitewashing Update

It’s clear that my initial post Inside the Studio: Whitewashing didn’t fully articulate my intention with the project. The work, albeit at its very initial stages in development, has already started a thoughtful conversation and I’m thankful for that. My …

Photo 2014-09-22, 7 49 09 PM

Whitewashing Progress

There was something extremely satisfying about the first application of white paint. I’m not sure if it was the very physical nature of the act or the pleasure derived from watching the racist imagery disappear. Regardless, the process is bringing …


Inside the Studio: Whitewashing

I’m currently pursuing a new studio sculpture project that investigates the concept of whitewashing, both in a historical and contemporary context. I should note that by whitewashing I don’t mean the literal whitewash painting of chairs, I mean the process …


Our Queer Histories

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to present on and share the stories and histories of diverse sexualities that exist around the world. The context of this presentation was my Queer Theory class at Emily Carr University. Our instructor …