This Sucks

Who the hell is this guy and why does his site suck?

Please email me messages/comments with variations of the above noted statement.

For those of you just stumbling over here I must apologize for the terrible web design I’m using. I love falling leaves as much as the next person, but the background, layout and lack of content was meant to be a temporary thing. Six months later I still haven’t gotten around to updating the content and uploading the new design. Suggestions for motivation techniques are quite welcome.

I promise this is on my summer to-do list. In the meantime, hit me up on Facebook. I promise I don’t suck and it’ll be worth your while. You can also check out my old blog and ramblings on Lavender Rhino. Oh, and if you’re still wondering you can find more info and contact information here.

– Jonny Sopotiuk

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