Jonny Sopotiuk’s Cleanse is illicit and dangerous: a bare mattress on the floor, a few snapshots of people with their faces covered up on the wall beside and a video of a collapsing video with a voice repeating: “If we catch you with a homosexual . . . your life will be a living hell. And you will be caught.” Kevin Griffin, Vancouver Sun


“I loved the feeling that I experienced staring into this piece. For me, I felt connected, as though I could feel the lines of gender blurring before me.” Daily Hive


“Jonny Sopotiuk, whose provocative video “Don’t Fuck, Don’t Kill” is on display at the festival.” Robin Perelle, Daily Xtra


“In another corner, local artist Jonny Sopotiuk was deconstructing gender roles with his socially charged work.” Sarah Rowland, 24 hours