Supporting Queers in Russia

I just made a donation to the international queer solidarity fund for Russian queers. In response to the recently passed anti-gay laws in Russia, Nikolai Alekseev, LGBT rights activist, lawyer and journalist, launched an International solidarity fund yesterday. From Nikolai:

Starting from this moment anyone wishing to help us continue our LGBT human rights work in Russia, including the organization of public protests, paying the fines, sorting the legal court campaigns or preparation for Sochi Pride during Olympics, can donate to us without any problems.

Donations are being processed through paypal. Donations can be sent to MOSCOWPRIDE (at) YAHOO.COM. If you’re in a position to donate a large sum you can contact Nikolai directly through facebook here.

Read here for more information of the recent history of the Russian anti-gay laws, the campaign to move the Sochi Olympics and the Russian vodka boycott.

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