Hiatus and Project Update

This_sums_up_our_final_weekend_in__NYC_perfectly.__latergram____regram_from__darcyvermeulen.__newyork__manhattan__nohomoIt has been a busy month since my previous project update. A last minute October move of both my apartment and studio and 10 day trip to New York City has really put me behind on everything in life, including my whitewashing project.

I can’t believe it’s already November. Although I’m still living out of boxes I’ve finally settled into my new apartment. My new studio is coming together too, although it’s still a work in progress.

Even though I’m still daydreaming about being back in NYC (you can check out the rest of my photos on Instagram), I’m getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve picked off where I left off. As I mentioned in my last update I’ve moved away from the racist trinkets to basic utilitarian and other familiar objects including a spoon, computer mouse, socks and sunglasses. These objects don’t have the same sort of charge and energy to them.

photo 4Already, there’s something different to the project and work. Some of them have multiple coats applied and for others it’s their first treatment.

photo 3-1

I see the work evolving as I experiment with different treatments and applications: from hanging to partially painted to laying flat with the paint oozing off around it.

photo 2Since the work requires daily treatments I’ve had to move it out of my new studio in North Vancouver to a closet in my apartment.

photo 1Where will this go from here? I’m still unsure at this point. I see the process evolving as the treatments layer on.